Fast Break

The Core Program for Changing Student's Lives
The Fast Break training program vastly increases the number of engaged workers with the attributes that employers are looking for:
  • Enthusiasm in an industry, specific area of work, or skill
  • Create a know-how mindset and taking initiative
  • Purposeful about career development and challenges
  • Understanding various paths to advancement and how to pursue incentives
  • Becoming a self-sufficient and confident young adult
  • Committed to the welfare of family, friends and community
In this 8-week SMI training SMI, inexperienced students emerge as prepared and willing individuals by:
  • Working through their personal challenges
  • Identifying their learning styles and high-performance patterns in order learn faster, become better team members, select their career paths, and make friends
  • Developing emotional intelligence skills and communication techniques to safely and effectively de-escalate challenging behaviors
  • Improving two or more grade-levels in both reading and math with the ability to enter college, job-training, or employment without remediation
  • Mastering basic computer application skills including, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint